Fox 46 – A local Muslim woman returns from the RNC

– A local Muslim went to the Republican National Convention this week to spread a positive message of Islam.

Rose Hamid said she was confronted with many hate groups in Cleveland. She wasn’t there to protest.

Instead, she passed out 2,500 pens marked with a web address to educate the crowds about Islam in her project ‘Salam, I Come in Peace.’

“This guy came over and was like ‘are you a Muslim?’ And I said yes and he turned to her and goes ‘Don’t take the flower!’”

Everyday Hamid took to the streets outside the Convention Center.

“I was trying to get people to see that Muslims are not the enemy,” Hamid explained.

But Hamid has experience a similar crowd before. In January she attended the Rock Hill Trump Rally in South Carolina to protest hate speech and was escorted out.

Although she wasn’t able to speak with a Republican delegate, she believes she accomplished her goal in Cleveland and had civil conversations with those who have developed hate towards her religion.

She hopes to soon speak with Franklin Graham, President of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association and continue to spread her message.